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What is Sports Performance Care?

What is Sports Performance Care?

I LOVE being a chiropractor!  Why? Because it is one of the most diverse healthcare professions there is.  Ask ten different people what their chiropractor does, and you may get ten different answers.  That is because most chiropractors practice different adjusting styles and focus on different areas of treating the human body.  I call it the Chiropractic Spectrum.  There are over 100 named chiropractic techniques and many areas of specialization. 

One of my areas of focus is sports medicine and performance care.  I treat sports injuries and help athletes perform better, although you don’t have to be an elite level athlete to benefit from this type of care.  What I do is help people move better.  This is important because one’s ability to move is an indicator of their overall health.  After all, movement is a unique characteristic of living creatures.

So how do I improve mobility in my patients?  Well, my approach to treating injuries is three fold. 

1.       Eliminate joint restrictions

2.       Improve soft tissue mobility

3.       Strengthen the injured area

I incorporate several treatment modalities in my patient’s treatment plan to achieve these goals. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

The human body is a dynamic machine with many moving parts.  It is our joints that allow our bodies to move.  Sometimes our joints get locked up, or restricted and don’t move right.  This is called a subluxation.  All of the joints in the body have nerve endings, called mechanoreceptors that detect movement.  When these mechanoreceptors are stimulated by movement they secret chemicals that actually have the ability to override pain.  When the joints are not moving properly they also reduce your range of motion, and if you’re an athlete this is going to decrease your power output and limit your performance.

Active Release Technique and soft tissue therapy

Anytime you have an injury there is going to be a soft tissue component.  Soft tissue consists of muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues.  When these structures are injured the body lays down scar tissue.  If not treated, this scar tissue can severely decrease mobility and function of the soft tissue. In the case of injured muscles, this can lead to decreased strength and performance.

Active Release technique is a soft tissue therapy that treats injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerve entrapments.  I use ART to successfully treat a number of conditions.

Rehab Exercises

The final component sports performance care is to rehab the injured area.  When you have injured an area of the body and are not able to use it for a period of time, that body part is going to get weaker.  I use specific rehab exercises to not only strengthen the body, but to help prevent injuries from happening in the future.

I also incorporated other modalities into my Sports Performance Care treatment, such as functional tapping and Graston Technique.  If you would like to learn more about Sports Performance Care and how it can help you, please contact my office today at 850-222-5362.
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