Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 Tips For A Better Massage Expereience

Receiving massage can be one of the most beneficial components of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. As
a practicing therapist who has seen both seasoned recipients and newcomers to massage, there are
always simple things that can be done to make your appointment go by more smoothly and engage you
to receive the best massage possible. Here’s a list of the most common I come across with clients.

1) Please Be Punctual.  Our time spent with you is only minutes out of both our busy schedules,
compared to the rest of the week. As a profession that can sometimes run on a tight schedule,
clients who make the effort to be on time are always appreciated.  If for any reason you may be
running a few minutes behind, or want to make sure your therapist is running on time, a call
ahead only takes a couple minutes and can make the transition in and out of the appointment

2) Please Be Honest. Most massage therapist will have you fill out an intake form or some sort,
especially if it’s your appointment being treated by them. It is critical to be as honest as possible
when listing things such as recent surgeries, or any medications you are currently taking.  It
helps give us a better understanding or your overall health and leads us to give a better massage
more tailored to your specific needs.

3) Please Make Yourself Comfortable. At the beginning of every appointment the massage
therapist will leave you to disrobe and make yourself comfortable on the table. What you wear
during the appointment id based on YOUR COMFORT LEVEL. We are trained professionals and
work with the draping policy, i.e. the only part of your body that will be uncovered is that which
we are currently working on. While it is true that undressing completely allows us to drape you
more easier and allows more access to pressure points and skin, if you are not entirely
comfortable doing this, it is okay to say you are not comfortable doing so.

4) Please Speak Up.  I cannot stress this point enough. While we are trained to tune into your
needs during the massage and read body language, we are not mind readers. During an
appointment I will check in with my client more than once just to ensure we are both on the
same page with the pressure I am using and overall comfort level. If you start to feel that at the
pressure may be too much or want the pressure increased, please say so. We want to ensure
that you are comfortable with everything we are doing during your appointment.

5) Please Know Bodily Functions Happen. Things like passing gas or stomach growling are
common during a massage. In fact, these are signs to us that the effects of the massage are
taking place. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

6) Please Know This Is Your Massage. I believe this to be the most important. This is your time that
you are taking for yourself. Whether it be to recover from an accident or sports injury or just to
find a peace of mind every few weeks awake from your hectic work schedule, this appointment
is for you. If at any point you have questions about what treatment we are using to address your
needs, or have any thoughts in regards to things you liked about the massage and would like
more of, please let us know.  We like knowing you have walked away satisfied with your time
spent with us.  Your appointment with me is about meeting your needs, and any feedback that
can be given is always appreciated. I always encourage clients to tell me if there is anything they
would like to change from either their previous session with me, or to tell me about any past
experiences that were not favorable. This is for our benefit as well as your own.

Written  by Caitlin Duval, LMT